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ePay Online Bill Pay
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Free Online Bill Pay, or ePay, is the most convenient way to pay your bills via the Internet. Instead of sorting through stacks of bills, buying stamps, and writing checks each month, let your credit union pay the bills for you! It's simple: All you have to do is tell us who to pay, when, and how much. Then, we will deduct that amount from your checking account on the day you specify and mail it directly to that merchant for you!

Determine how you would like to pay your bill.

On Demand: A bill due on the same day with a different amount each time. (Phone bills, electric bill, or gas bill)

Monthly: A bill due on the same day each month with the same amount. (Credit cards or insurance)

Single: A bill you want to pay one-time only. (Doctor's bill or annual payments)

How do I use ePay?
You can begin using ePay once you sign up for Online Banking. Once signed on to eBranch Online Banking, click on "Bills". Since this is your first time using ePay, you must choose the merchants you wish to pay. If the merchant you wish to pay is not on the merchant list, you may request the Credit Union to add the merchant via ePay. If your merchant is listed, simply choose when and how much you wish to pay. We'll take it from there!


ePay Online Bill Pay


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