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Jefferson Financial offers many competitive-rate loans for both your personal and business needs.
Our team of lending professionals are here to take the stress out of the lending process.

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Contact a lender to discuss all of your options at 800.259.2471

Our consumer lending team is here to assist you with Auto Loans, Credit Cards, Personal Loans and more. Contact a Consumer Lender today!

Kelly Waltz Ext. 141 Fax: 504.371.3464 Click here to email Kelly
Kineta "Minnie" Hilton
Ext. 260
Fax: 504.371.3407
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Matthew "Matt" Powell Ext. 173 Fax: 504.371.3491 Click here to email Matt
Jeffrey Harris Ext. 159 Fax: 504.371.3441 Click here to email Jeffrey
Richard Recile Ext. 172 Fax: 504.274.1583 Click here to email Richard

We offer a variety of low-rate and flexible Business Loans to keep you going or begin your new venture. Contact a commercial lender today!

David Burandt Ext. 177 Fax: 504.371.3474 MLO# 625353 Click here to email David
Huyen Nguyen Ext. 254 Fax: 504.371.3489 MLO# 872787 Click here to email Huyen
Robert Bell
Ext. 265
Fax: 504.371.3410
MLO# 134278
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Looking for a home loan or Home Equity Line of Credit? Contact a real estate lender today!

Marjorie Hirstius Ext. 220
Fax: 504.371.3492
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Ryan Guercio Ext. 161
Fax: 504.371.3418
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Work with our collections team to make payment arrangements.

Dawn Howell
Ext. 133 Fax: 504.371.3430 Click here to email Dawn
Jean Helmer
Ext. 211 Fax: 504.371.3425 Click here to email Jean
Nancy Manix
Ext. 128
Fax: 504.371.3437
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Pamela Cappell  Ext. 129 Fax: 504.371.3473 Click here to email Pamela
Robert Briggs
Ext. 135
Fax: 504.371.3446
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Ted Roose
Ext. 132
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Terrall Gilton
Ext. 130
Fax: 504.371.3462
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Tremaka St. Cyr
Ext. 136
Fax: 504.371.3412
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William Helmer Ext. 142 Fax: 504.371.3405 Click here to email William

Do you have questions about your Indirect Auto Loan or our Merchant Lending services?  

Joseph Carey  Ext. 206 Fax: 504.371.3444 Click here to email Joseph