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Jefferson Financial offers many competitive-rate loans for both your personal and business needs.
Our team of lending professionals are here to take the stress out of the lending process.

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Contact a representative to discuss all of your options at 800.259.2471

Our consumer lending team is here to assist with Auto Loans, Credit Cards, Personal Loans and more.

Contact our lending team today to get started!

Debra Beaumont
Direct Dial
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Robert Nick Brown
Direct Dial 504.371.3421 Click here to email Robert
Minnie Hilton
Direct Dial 504.371.6302
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Kobe Johnson
Direct Dial 504.371.6391
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Angelle Kliebert
Direct Dial 504.371.6379
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Kelly Waltz Direct Dial 504.371.6329 Click here to email Kelly

We offer a variety of low-rate and flexible Business Loans to keep you going or begin your new venture. Contact our commercial lending team today to get started!

Will Bienvenu Direct Dial
504.371.6311 MLO# 405807
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Malisa Hulette
Direct Dial

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Looking for a home loan or Home Equity Line of Credit? Contact our real estate team today!

Richard Recile 

Direct Dial
504.371.6387 MLO# 1504391 Click here to email Richard
Yolanda Truong Direct Dial 504.371.6350
MLO# 20058332
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Mary Maurin
Direct Dial 504.371.6320
MLO# 2006918
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Zach Vandergriff
Direct Dial 504.371.6332
MLO# 1906722
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Brad Speziale
Direct Dial
MLO# 798192 Click here to email Brad
Trenese Gibbs Direct Dial 504.371.6310
Service Representative
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Work with our collections team to make payment arrangements.

Jay Beck
Direct Dial
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Robert Briggs
Direct Dial 504.371.6346
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Bryan Budenski
Direct Dial 504.371.6336
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Melanie Fuselier
Direct Dial 504.274.1556
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Trudy Harris Direct Dial 504.371.6348
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Jean Helmer
Direct Dial 504.371.3414 Click here to email Jean
Dawn Howell
Direct Dial 504.371.6351 Click here to email Dawn
Nancy Manix
Direct Dial 504.371.6309
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Susan Roos
Direct Dial 504.371.6373 Click here to email Susan
Ted Roose
Direct Dial 504.371.6354
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Tremaka St. Cyr
Direct Dial 504.371.6312
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Do you have questions about your Indirect Auto Loan or our Merchant Lending services?  

The Jefferson Financial FCU Indirect Lending team are always looking for dealers to participate in our Indirect Lending Program.  We offer indirect loan financing for auto, motorcycle, recreational, boat and RV dealerships. We offer competitive rates with terms that meet your customer needs and a convenient application process, so your team can focus on selling more vehicles.  Contact Michelle Hubert with any questions. 

Michelle Hubert
Direct Dial
504.371.6372 Click here to email Michelle