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Online Services

Bank from anywhere, anytime

Our Online Services make it easy for you to get your banking business done without visiting a branch. Pay bills, transfer funds or pay your Jefferson Financial loans with the click of a button or tap on your phone.

Free Online Bill Pay, is the most convenient way to pay your bills online

Choose from these convenient options:
  • On Demand: A bill due on the same day with a different amount each time. (Phone bills, electric bill, or gas bill)
  • Monthly: A bill due on the same day each month with the same amount. (Credit cards or insurance)
  • Single: A bill you want to pay one-time only. (Doctor's bill or annual payments)

Less time, less paper-more convenience.

eStatements are a secure way to receive your account information, using email in place of traditional mail delivery.

  • How do eStatements Work?
    It's easy! When your statement is ready, you will receive an email. Click on the enclosed link, enter your login information, and simply view your current and previous statements from your home or office computer.

  • Why should I sign up?
    Not only will you receive your statement faster, and deal with less paperwork, but receiving an electronic statement is more secure. Plus, eStatements are FREE!

  • Sign up for eStatements today!
    Simply log in to Online Banking, click on the Accounts widget/tab, and then click Statements at the top of the screen. You will need to click on the Statement Settings button and on the popup screen select Subscribe. Review and accept the agreement and click the Subscribe button one last time.

Conveniently deposit checks whenever, wherever you are!

Download the Jefferson Financial FCU mobile app to get started.

  • How does Mobile Deposit work?
    Once you’ve signed into your JFFCU mobile app, follow these simple steps:
    • Navigate to the Deposit Check function.
    • Select the account you would like to deposit the check to. 
    • Enter the check amount. 
    • Take a picture of the front and backsides of the check.  
  • Endorsement Requirement
    When utilizing Mobile Deposit, you will need to endorse your check(s) on the backside with the following items:
    • Your Signature
    • "For JFFCU eDeposit only"
    • Account Number
This endorsement is required even if you check off the box for Mobile Deposit in the endorsement section. Deposits that do not have this exact endorsement will not be able to be submitted.

  • Guidelines 
    • Maximum Amount Per Check: $3,000
    • Maximum Number of Checks Per Day: 5
    • Maximum Deposit Limit: $7,500

Moving funds has never been easier

  • Account Transfer- A transfer from your shares to other deposit shares or make payments on loans from within your own account.
  • Member-to-Member Transfer - A transfer to another member/account at Jefferson Financial. You must be able to identify the transfer account to account number, last name verification and the Share ID type.

  • External Transfer - A transfer made from your account to another financial institution.

Pay loans with the click of your mouse

  • Online Banking Transfer - Transfer from your deposit shares to make payments on loans from within your own account.

  • Automatic Transfer (ACH/Electronic Transfer)/Credit Card Payment Portal
    Would you like to use a Credit Card or transfer money from another financial institution, directly to your loan with the Credit Union? Sign in to make a payment from another financial institution, or from any VISA Card, Master Card or Discover Card directly to your loan at Jefferson Financial, view payment history or manage payment accounts.