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Other Loans

Jefferson Financial offers many competitive-rate loans for both your personal and business needs. We have the perfect solution to take the stress out of the lending process.

Our low-rate financing options are designed to save you time and money. 

  • No application fee
  • Simple interest means no prepayment penalties
  • Convenient payment options
Contact a Consumer Loan Representative at 800.259.2471 ext. 628 to Learn More or Apply by Phone

  • A line of credit provides you with the convenience of a reusable source of funds
  • Once your credit line is repaid, those funds become available once again
  • Easy access through your Jefferson Financial checking account

  • Finance a special vacation, medical expense, tuition or project
  • Competitive Low Rates
  • Terms up to 36 months

  • Funds Secured against your Savings/Certificate
  • Terms up to 180 Months
  • Lower Payments than Personal Loans
  • Rate is always 2% above the Current Dividend Rates

  • A loan designed to establish or re-build your Credit
  • Fixed rate
  • Money becomes available once the loan is paid in full