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Call Spoofing Alert
February 25, 2021

We recently discovered a spoofing scam and want to make sure you're armed with everything you need to know.
This scam involves the fraudster impersonating a Jefferson Financial FCU employee in order to obtain your financial information. The fraudster will use technology to trick your caller ID into showing our name and phone number when he or she calls. 
Jefferson Financial FCU will never call you to request your personal banking information via telephone. For security purposes, we will request information to confirm your identity when you call us.

If you receive suspicious communication, do not respond. If you have concerns and want to verify if a communication is legitimate please contact us at 800.259.2471 or through secured messaging in Online Banking.

SnapChat Cash Flip Scam
February 15, 2021

Online scammers are using SnapChat to ask users to deposit a check for them. The scammer promises to leave the individual some of the funds in exchange for his or her banking info.

Remember - once you hand over your online banking info, financial institutions will be forced to disable your online banking access and possibly close your account due to fraudulent losses.